Bloggin it to ya

Bloggin it to ya

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What to do when it`s raining outside

What to do when its Raining outside

Means its time for a Junk food movie day just because its called a junk food movie day don't mean it has to be junk food . Or you can find fun stuff to do other than watching movies

How to have a junk food movie day 

1 Get movies, love movies, or whatever you feel like watching 
2 Skinny pop corn and other snacks don't have to be junk food it can be healthy  
3 Get on your bed or sofa get pillows and blankets and teddy bear if you have one before your movie or if you want to lay on your floor you can put a bunch of blankets on the floor and then get another blanket and pillow then lay on the floor and then watch the movies and eat some snacks. or even sleep. Stay in your pj`s all day.

Then later you can or if you would rather 

1 Get board games out you haven't played in a while 
2  Play a singing game on PS2 or dancing game on Wii or some games like that on Xbox or you computer  that every one can play 
3 Watch covers on you tube or music videos 
4 Watch movies on TV if you like 
5 You can go to red box 
6 Read a book
7 Decorate your house
8 Organizing different places in your home 
9 Write a blog 
10 Write a book
11 Go shopping on your computer  tablet or phone 
12 Look up different recipes to make 
13 Listen to soft music or your favorite music 
14 Exercise 
15 Browse the web
15 Watch netflix and other places like that you can stream 
16 Watch the ruku another place you can stream stuff 

Things to do when its raining with your kids If you have kids 

1 Watch a short movie 
2 Make food together 
3 Coloring books and pages 
4 Listen to music 
5 Listen to soft music while you and your kids color or draw
5 Read books 
6 Play dress up with your kids 
7 Play board games with them if there old enough 
8 Draw 
9 Play roll the ball 
10 Sing and dance with your kids 
11 Arts and crafts 

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